Melissa Vullo Bell
President / Owner

About the Owner

Melissa Vullo Bell , Senior Move ManagerĀ® , founded SENIOR DOWNSIZE & MOVE SPECIALISTS in 2018.  

Melissa was born , raised , & lives in East Dallas ;  residing now in the Lakewood area.   She graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BA in Communications , and has worked in such industries as Title/ Real Estate , Event Planning , and Executive-level Recruiting.  Melissa comes from a line of Sicilian immigrants on both her Mom and Dad's side , & absolutely loves being a part of a big family.

In being a part of such a large family , (most of whom have lived and/or still live in Dallas) , Melissa was exposed at an early age to many different life stages that her elder relatives were going through.  She began to see and experience firsthand , the deep , true , real caring that was required on a regular basis for the individual needing the help , as well as with the relative's loved ones.  Even at a young age , Melissa made sure she was with her parents whenever they were going to assist and take care of a family member in need ;   whether it was for a few hours or most of the day or night.  Though not quite at an age to where she had the huge 'adult authority' , she felt she could at least be with the fragile family member , and sit with them and hold their hand / read to them / watch the person's favorite TV shows together - - anything to help them feel happier.

When she was a bit older , she was excited to finally have the chance to volunteer in the summers .  Before she was at the age to where she could work at a store or business , Melissa spent two summers as a 'Candystriper' at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas - the same place her Grandmother Vullo shared years of her own volunteer life at ;  as well as a summer at Brookdale White Rock (Senior Care) .  She was in constant contact with ailing / senior individuals all the time .  Melissa made it point to treat them with the respect and dignity she knew they deserved ;  but she also was sure to do whatever she could to bring a smile or a trickle of laughter to each one when doing her rounds.

And now , that's what Melissa feels her job is ;   to be an empathetic navigator in a person's and/ or family's life that is now facing a completely new , unfamiliar place and direction.  

Melissa has been married for almost five years to her husband , Adam.  The two actually met in 1997, and had their first date in November of that year.   They love spending time together , along with their 118 pd. Black Lab , Tak , who  ' has no clue or concern of just how big he is -- but I wouldn't have it any other way ! '    Melissa and her husband frequently enjoy quality time with their family & friends.  They also volunteer in various capacities within their community .  Melissa has always been a huge animal-lover , and is an active advocate of adoption and rescue.