Melissa Vullo Bell
President / Owner

About Us

At some point in our lives , a family member, a friend , a loved one , or possibly even yourself , will be faced with various challenges that necessitate a lifestyle change.  These challenges could arise from a myriad of things , such as a health issue;  the loss of a spouse, relative, or loved one;  or simply the decision to retire.

Any of these events can then create the possible need to live with a family member, join a retirement neighborhood , move into an independent or assisted living community , or to remain in the comfort of your home, and 'rightsize'.   It is normal for a person and/or the family to have feelings of anxiety , apprehension , sadness , and fear of the unknown, as one or more major life changes occur. 

                                                    WE KNOW --- WE HAVE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES ! 

Additionally ,  questions can arise that accompany this new & unfamiliar area :  

  • What do we do next ? 
  • What type of care will my loved one require ?
  • How can I help the family ? 
  • How should we handle all of this ? 
  • What do we do with all their things in the place they’re moving into?

                ….. and various others ,  dependent upon each moving situation a person and/ or family may currently be in .

We help take the stress out of making your new life stage change alone !   Within our work , we focus on the upmost care and concern for the well-being of ALL those involved with this change.